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A Vimprobable Walkthrough

I have written about Vimprobable a couple of times over the last two years1, it is one of those projects that, for a variety of reasons, I have picked up and stuck with. Like dwm, Vim and tmux, it is an essential part of my working environment and is installed on all of my machines, where it is my default browser. It’s simplicity, power and configurability are why, despite looking at a few other similar projects, I have stuck with Vimprobable since first installing it.

After my last post, a dwm screencast, I wanted to have another crack at making a decent screencast. Sadly, this is not it. I can say that making a good screencast is not a simple accomplishment; there are so many elements that require significant attention. I spent a good many hours this time around playing with custom Xorg modelines, ffmpeg’s arcane encoding options and, to be frank, the final product is just not worth all that effort.

I’m going to stick with plain text from now on. It requires little more from me than a passing acquaintance with the subject matter, some loosely held and firmly expressed opinions and my unbridled confidence in the fact that anyone who has read this far down the page is so bereft of other, more pressing things to think about that they may inadvertently find a scintilla of amusement in here…

With that explanation out of the way, I give you my final screencast:

An Introduction to Vimprobable on Vimeo.


  1. First back in October, 2010 and then, more recently, in June, 2011.