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I have previously posted about using Mercurial to share dotfiles, and how I have been using bitbucket as a free host for that service.

Recently, I came across Intuxication, who describe themselves thus:

Intuxication provides a free, fast and lightweight platform to host your Mercurial repositories.

You will see from their URL that they are only in beta, but the service—while undeniably rough around the edges—looks quite promising.

For small projects, the limit is 1GB disk space, Intuxication provides all of the basic features you need to maintain a mercurial repository.

One of the advantages it has over bitbucket is that the default stylesheet makes it much easier to read the files that you host. And while there are obviously plans to introduce more styles (from the Configure menu you can select a dropdown of five different styles), currently only one works.

If I had any criticism at all, it would be that the unfinished nature of the website (like the broken styles and the fact that quite a few of the other features like that don’t work) means that it feels a lot more like an alpha than a beta.

However, I’m sure that with time and some support (there is a donate button on every page), Intuxication will continue to develop. I think it is a site with potential, and I’m currently pushing my EeePC dotfiles there.