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Pinboard Elvis


After recovering from the shock of the botched delicious relaunch, I have switched to Pinboard for my bookmarking. Previously, I was just synching my bookmarks from delicious, but now I have abandoned that trainwreck completely.

Two things made the transition painless. The first was the Pinboard Android app so I could access and manage bookmarks from my phone; the second was a little trickier.

As I have previously mentioned, I use bookmarking not just to retrieve my own saved pages, but as a search repository for material that other people have decided is interesting or valuable enough to want to save. And there is no better tool for this sort of searching than Surfraw1

I had written an elvis to search delicious bookmarks, so to complete the transition to Pinboard, I needed to do the same. It was a little trickier than I had anticipated, as some of the URLs (particularly when searching across multiple tags) were reasonably complex given my modest scripting skills. But I got there in the end…

Now searching for web pages that I or anyone else has saved to Pinboard is as simple as typing:

pin -t=unix+linux+vim

Which will return all saved pages that share those three tags. I can also refine my search to a particular user with the -u{ser} switch, or just browse recent or popular tags. Simple, but ruthlessly efficient…

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