Miscellaneous ephemera…

Patching dwm


I had posted a while back about my (failed) attempt to patch dwm with both pertag and some of the other layout patches. I had been able to get it to work with bottomstack, but adding another patch caused some of the chunks to fail. It seems pertag moves the code around to the point that – using the standard patching method – any further patches won’t take.

Further investigation, and some trial and a tolerable amount of error, have however demonstrated to me that it is quite possible to patch dwm to your heart’s content; or at least to my meagre needs. Which in the case of my EeePC is pertag, cycle and push, with the addition of bstack on my workstation.

The solution, as I have found in almost every instance of my tinkering with dwm, is stunningly simple. Start with a new version of dwm and apply the pertag diff. Then manually add all of the chunks of the subsequent patches.

All of the changes are now in dwm.c and your config.h should only have the necessary keybindings to activate the functionality you have added to this amazing window manager.

If you want to see what changes this makes, you can take a peek at my .diff (for bstack, cycle, pertag and push). You are equally welcome to apply it if that is the functionality that you are looking for in 5.7.2.